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  Currently, I'm a third-year student in the Industrial Design department at Istanbul Technical University and also a music composer. Creating has been a passion for me regardless of the field, it's been my way of expressing myself since childhood. Over the years, I've showcased this through music, videos, and visuals. Simultaneously, due to my profound interest in art and various forms of expression, I've grown by examining these fields and digesting artistic productions. Growing up, I also realized that I wanted my creations to have a physical manifestation in the material world, driven by my talent in the digital realm and my interest in the material world. Hence, I decided to study industrial design. Throughout the process of studying, witnessing the emotional connection between products and people, and their impact on the world, my interest in the field of industrial design has steadily increased. Meanwhile, I am composing songs for the second album of my neoclassical music project called "Moonvalse" and I am also one of the founding members of an extreme metal band named "Yoak" for which we are in the preparation process for our first album.

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